Industry Sectors


  • Oil and Gas
  • Federal and State Government Agencies
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

Oil & Gas


It is an industry which requires constant attention and agile actions to overcome the challenges that is thrown its way. Oil and gas companies are in the constant strive to find the optimal route to increase the growth of shareholder value. The reliance on major integrated players for much of the key value chain activities is changing its business models to become more competitive than over the years.

CCS has expertise in helping its clients develop and realize customer-focused, market-tested business designs to capitalize on new customer opportunities, defend against emerging competitive threats, and ultimately grow value. Our consultants are experienced in both upstream and downstream business and are able to conceive holistic solutions which may resolve any pressing needs of the clients.

Federal and State Government Agencies


Government agencies both at the Federal and State level are often faced with unique challenges. Mandated to deliver a broad range of services and development project in a highly transparent and multi-stakeholder environment with limited resources and timeline, makes their task an arduous one. Despite the limited economic conditions, the expectation from these organisations for the delivery of transformative public services is the norm.

CCS’ public service consulting services collaborates with governmental organisations to enhance service delivery, optimize performance and resolve challenges to name a few. With strong expertise in both management and technical advisory, we are committed in being a holistic one-stop Centre for solutions.


Financial industry is one that is tumultuous and faced with much controversy. It is an industry that needs to be scrutinized closely with regulatory regimes. CCS has experts who are able to assist financial services institutions to find innovative solutions to optimize their processes, motivating their staffs, managing risks related to regulatory requirements and building loyal customer base to name a few.



Healthcare industry is one that evolves rapidly and there is a constant need to deliver greater value and higher quality of healthcare at a minimum cost. This could be to some extent the public demand for good quality service at affordable rates; rapid technological development and governmental policies. As a result, healthcare industry is always on their toes in trying to meet the demands of the changing times.

CCS has the expertise in relation to Medical technology, whereby innovative solutions can be collaborated upon to provide both a cost effective and innovative solution to the end user. Indeed the research capacity of CCS experts would enable the introduction of more innovative products to the market.



CCS has experience of working with clients from varying technological backgrounds like software and hardware; semiconductor; and IT services. Our experts have extensive R&D experience in this area to provide innovative solutions to the challenges that may be potentially faced by the client.

Besides the technical solution, the advisory team has also been able to advise on pertinent issues such as employee retention strategies as the turnaround rate for technology employees have been high given their highly required talent. Business strategic solutions are also provided for clients from this industry to improve their competitive edge in the industry.

CCS works with technology companies to build strategic plans that address the industry’s challenges.