About Curtin Biovalley



Curtin Biovalley Sdn. Bhd. (‘CBV’) was founded in 2002 on a mission to convert academic knowledge to business solutions for clients. CBV has since continued to be the change catalyst for a University-based consulting and research provider, with an innovative culture that is continuously challenging status quo, for us and our clients.

We stand to be different because of our people – diversity of background, knowledge, energetic, passionate and goal driven. Our people are the reason in us making a measurable impact in all we do.

We abide by a set of strong belief and values and all our work and decisions are made in the context of our values. Our people are not only led by a set moral compass but they remain faithful to our core belief which is to inspire innovation with people we work with.

We believe that every situation has a solution and our goal is to help achieve the best possible outcome through collaborative effort. Human tendency has it; being optimistic plays a major role when working towards an attainable goal. This escalates to a “do culture” within the organization which moves to the achievement of our goals.

We value the quality of our people and their work. Our priority is delivery of world class quality to the people we work with and our bias is to action and delivery of value.