Client Solutions Sectors


Technical Advisory / Research and Development

Environment Specialties


Our environmental consultancy service is mindful of the need of organizations’ to have innovative approach in dealing with environmental matters in achieving sustainable business goals. Hence CBV provides comprehensive, industry-focused consulting services which address the unique needs of individual clients. CBV consultant base has expertise in environmental engineering, ecological studies, waste management, renewable energy, eco-design, water resources and air quality management.

Geo Science Expertise


We offer an extensive range of geoscience services which has the potential of reducing risk and increasing production in petroleum geoscience. Our capabilities encompass geology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics and geomechanics.



We have a multi-disciplined and comprehensive construction management expertise which provides innovative solution for the successful completion of our client’s projects both in terms of time and cost.

Our people have extensive, hands-on and research experience in supporting multitude of engineering projects across boundaries. Our construction consulting and research areas of expertise include designing and constructing offshore structures, highway engineering, construction contracts management, construction technology, structural stability, designing and modeling of structural steel frames and sustainable construction materials.

Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate construction risk.



The energy industry is one that evolves rapidly and competitively. CBV’s experts provide specialist consulting services in areas such as designing of power plants; industrial power distribution networks; gas processing plant and bio-energy to name a few. Backed by years of professional and research experience our experts have exceptional strength and in depth understanding of their niche areas. Together with our clients we achieve breakthroughs, placing them ahead of their competition.

Electrical and Electronics


CBV’s consulting services does not stop only with the conceptualization of ideas but moves further, in partnership with our clients to the developing of products and/or solutions. We believe in an integrated approach for a holistic result for our clients.

Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in all areas related to Electrical and Electronics. This includes fault detection in digital circuits; data mining; design, synthesis and testing of digital systems; software engineering and telecommunications.

The fast changing trends in the bio-medical industry dictates the imminent need for consistent product reinvention; here our experts play a key role in developing solutions for your business in the area of bioinformatics; biomedical engineering; biomechanics; bio-technology; and genomics.

Today’s electronics manufacturing businesses; globalization of design and manufacturing, shortened product life cycles; improved systems functionality and miniaturization of products to name a few makes the market a highly competitive one. Hence the need to innovate has become second nature to most businesses. CBV appreciates this and offers solutions which would be able to increase productivity, quality and profitability.



Our engineering consultancy services offer a wide range of experts and researchers in the varying areas and sectors.

In the area of engine combustion technology our experts work collaboratively with our client to find marketable solutions which resolve challenges related but not limited to fuel efficiency, elimination of costly after treatment systems and regulatory compliant emissions.

Our experts on the fluid dynamics has extensive experience with design, evaluation and troubleshooting of systems involving applications related to vehicle aerodynamics, wind effects on buildings , special structures and water turbines and bio-medical flows.

Production of green materials is an area where our experts have great research competence and experience. They address a range of issues related to processes, material application and compatibility issues which benefits the business of our clients who are constantly hard pressed to reduce cost and increasing margin besides ensuring the end product is one that is environmentally friendly. Machine dynamics, mechanical design and mechanics, manufacturing process, thermodynamics and intelligent manufacturing systems are also areas of expertise and research interest of our experts.

Management Advisory / Research and Development



CBV strategy service offerings bring clear thinking to help clients resolve the most complex issues facing them. Our task is to conduct research and uncover opportunities and solutions collaboratively to aid in the development of innovative processes and distinctive brand strategies with differentiating value propositions. Every strategic challenge is unique; each response is distinctive.

Negotiation is an iconic area of strategy that we specialize in. We provide detailed proposals of how negotiation in a given strategic venture be approached and we provide extensive coaching and training for our clients. CBV will assist our clients to understand and appreciate the differences between the various strategic options faced by them and how the process of negotiation could assist them in securing what they want even in difficult situations.

Human Capital Development

CBV provides comprehensive advisory services on all key aspects of successful human resources management, such as HR strategy, HR organization, workforce management and talent & leadership.

Human capital development has become a strategic success factor. The recent economic crises has brought to fore the pressing issue for many organisations; human capital. Strategies for handling this issue may differ between organisations but we see a strong tendency to more effectively tap internal talent potential rather than to resort to hiring externally.

Our people have successfully worked with clients to operationalize HR policies into identifiable goals for their human capital development. Our people use their extensive research findings to establish HR benchmarks which translate into actions in ensuring long-term corporate solutions and performance.

The competitive business climate and economic uncertainty increases unpredictability of future business cycles, hence making active workforce management an absolute must! An optimized workforce mix of both personnel capacity and costs will prove to be an asset to any organization. We will work with you to align the employer and employee work, identify priorities and increase the adaptability of our client’s workforce to the changing business fabric.

Our people have extensive experience in dealing with HR leadership which includes recruiting, training and retaining the right talent on a local and global level. We believe that a holistic people development model and the proactive management of diversity are necessary to optimize the deployment of intellectual capital and to drive corporate performance.

Client Management and Retention

Our people have for years been studying, researching and refining the methodology of client retention. It is a world renowned fact that client management and retention is the most powerful driver of profitable growth. Our people will work together with our clients to build the lasting relationship that our clients’ desire with their custom. We believe that relationships are not created in one transaction but through a purposeful and planned effort that will, over time help clients to be considered as family to the extent their minor flaws are overlooked.

Performance Improvement

CBV assists companies of all shapes and sizes to continuously move and adapt to the constantly changing and increasing complex business environment. We help our clients to react with agility to the opportunities and threats by ongoing performances enhancements to gain a competitive edge. We are realistic and focused in our approach which always enables us to deliver our promised services. Our improvement consultants offer services in Finance; Operations; Policies and economics; and Technology.

We believe in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of clients operations with a balance and focused approach to increasing revenues and cutting costs.